Nana Tonardo Breaks Silence, Reveals What Afia Shwarzenegger Did To Him That Made Him End Their Friendship

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Actor, Nana Tonardo has said vividly in a recent interview why he ended his friendship with comedienne and actress Afia Shwarzenegger.

The two were once the best of friends, roaming and traveling across the country together but the friendship didn’t and couldn’t last for long.

In a recent interview on Okay Fm with Ola Michael, Tonardo made a lot of revelations including how he had to choose Delay over Afia because of work during those days when the two were parting ways.

He also admitted coming out publicly to apologize to Afia after he also stopped working with Delay and that was when their friendship became stronger.

Talking about what lead to his break up with Afia, he said the comedienne treated him badly during their friendship days, which everyone close to them knew about.

He also revealed how Afia kept lying about him to some prominent people in the society in which they used to go for money.

According to Tonardo what made him finally dissolve his friendship with Afia was, when he lied to one of their mutual friends in the US and told the guy people will say he is gay if he hangs out with him Tonardo, making the guy abandon him in the US.

Tonardo made it clear that this was what got him to finally cut off Afia because he realized that was what she had been doing hence, many of his ‘big men’ writing him off.

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