Tonto Dike To Cloth Brands: “I Won’t Promote Your Open Body Dresses, I am Too Old To Open My Body And Your Money Is Not Enough To Convince Me”

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Nigerian actress and influencer, Tonto Dike has sent word out to clothing brands that she is not ready to accept any deals to influence their open body clothes.

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A lot of these open body clothes have been in the market and are been patronized by young girls who flaunt them around, often with sensitive parts of their bodies showing.

For Tonto Dike, she is not ready to promote any such clothes at all and would end any deal that has open body clothes as part of it.

Her reason is that she is too old to open up her body and the money they often offer is not enough to move her into endorsing them.

According to her, before they come, they should have known her fashion sense and what she will agree to do and so if they pay and begin to bring those open body clothes, she will end the deal.

“Dear boutique owners, when you come to me for influencing, please I would expect you already have an idea of my fashion sense. Once you pay and you start bringing open body dress, sis we stop dealing. Your money is not enough for me to start opening my body at this old age. Never been my M.O” Tonto Dike wrote.


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