Tonto Dikeh digs deep into the phantasy called intercourse and its consequences and her fans are amazed

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Wonders they say will never end till judgment day and the action of Tonto Dikeh on social media lately makes the popular perception nothing but valid.

Tonto Dikeh is well-known as one bad woman or better still nymphomaniac in the Nigeria showbiz industry for the past years. So, we are surprised that she has warned her fans to think deep before having an intercourse with someone.

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Analysing her newest post on the popular photo sharing platform or Instagram, Tonto Dikeh is educating her followers on s*x education and she’s practically calling on them to abstain from s*x!

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But like earlier said, Tonto is well-known as nymphomaniac (a woman with uncontrollable or excessive sexual desire), therefore, how is anybody going to listen when they know this diva enjoys s*x more than anybody?

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Anytime you have sex with a person you bond with them. SOUL TIES ARE REAL‼️If you’re having casual sex with a few partners or even just one and claim you’re doing it with no strings attached….you’re full of it and setting yourself up for failure! Two people may decide to have sex just for the fun of it, yet something is occurring on another level. Sex is enhancing an emotional bond between them whether they want it or not. One person, often the woman, is bound to form an attachment and will be hurt when a casual affair ends. Why do you think it’s so hard to let go of a partner who’s hurt, disrespected and maybe abused you? They’ve transferred negative energy into you and continue to pollute your beautiful soul with their toxic energy! SEX IS SO POWERFUL, AFTER ENGAGING IN IT, IT CAN MYSTERIOUSLY HAVE YOU LONGING FOR A PERSON YOU MAY NOT EVEN LIKE! THAT IS A SOUL TIE! Sis, does he like you? Does he know you, do you know him? How long until he stops calling if the sex stops? No matter how tough you are, a piece of him still lies in you, even when you’re through. You could be having soul ties and giving a piece of you to a demonic spirit! This isn’t a joke, this is real! You can’t let these liquored up, drugged up, chemically imbalanced, mentally unstable spirits lay with you! Stop giving away so many pieces of you to men who are already broken and could care less about building with you! You ask how do you know he’s broken? That’s what courting and getting to know him is for. Sis, you’ve got to work on you before God sends a man deserving and worthy of you! Your nights may get lonely but with God you are never alone. It’s ok to take a hiatus and give your mind, body and soul a break. Mend those pieces and get whole on your own. Only then you’ll attract the man who will value you, appreciate your beauty, and admire your amazing soul!”-Ms. Bling?#YouBecomeWhoYouSleepWith #AnyoneWhoWantsYouCanNotHaveYou #DontLetThePainOfBrokenMen #DistractYouFromYourPurpose #IamMySistersKeeper ??❤️#REPOST

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