Tonto Dikeh reveals Bobrisky’s bortos is rotten as they dirty each other online once again (Details)

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Tonto Dikeh and Bobrisky are at each other’s throats once again and residents of the Beef nation are having a good time watching proceedings unfold.

Bobrisky reignited the beef by revealing secrets of Tonto Dikeh which somewhat shows she lives a fake lifestyle fraught with drugs.

“We stopped talking in 2020 if I can remember. Well then, I was your heaven and earth. Fast forward to your arrest in Dubai Tonto,” he claimed. “You insulted Dubai police cos you were drunk and high asf. I tried my best to control you back then, I couldn’t.

“Fast forward Dubai police locked your a** up for two good days in their cell. Nobody knew where you were locked up. “After two days you were released and the police collected ur phone and weed they caught you with you and charge you to court.

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I removed my SIM card and gave you my phone just to make sure you quickly post some pictures on ur page so that Stella and other blogs won’t laugh at us. “I paid for our hotels bills feeding. We were stuck in Dubai for three months all ur mouth you had no one to save your ass. Even ur so-called boyfriends then stop picking ur calls cos you were giving them so much headache, I was the only soul who stood by you.

“Fast forward when an influencer paid me then to influence for her she got angry and ask me to refund her cos I was with you in Dubai instead of doing her job I begged that lady to send some of the hair for me Dubai so I can be working since I was stocked in Dubai with you. “I was with you for three months then you didn’t see as a bad friend.

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Fast forward, you were wearing all my gowns I bought to wear in Lagos just because you didn’t come with enough cloths till now many are still with you. “I gave you 1m to add to fine Dubai police gave you for seeing you with weed.

Fast forward, Tonto after two months ur rent in Abuja was due, ur estate payment was due, ur Son needed some money to feed we agreed after the third month I will fly back to abj to sort those bills for you. I flew back to Abuja and I bob sorted all d bills for you.”

Tonto fought back and revealed that Bobrisky’s ass is rotten and full of maggot while giving her part of the story. Eventually, she also said he’s spreading falsehood because of his illiteracy.

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