Too Hot For Your Eyes: Hajia 4Real Goes Raw As She Shows Us Her Lavish Lifestyle In A Jaccuzi With A Glass of Champagne-WATCH

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Ghanaian socialite, Hajia4Real has tossed her lavish lifestyle seductively in our face in a new video that has come across.

The mother of one puts her banging body on display while her ‘paparazzi’ believed to be a male who was with her in the hotel suite recorded the moment.

Hajia4Real, real name Mona Faiz Montrage was only in lingerie and is seen in the video pouring herself a glass of champagne and making sensual gestures. She then proceeds to her Jacuzzi as she sways her body to the bars of Omar Sterling’s Nineteen Nighty song.

She further gives viewers a view of her seductive body before plunging into the Jacuzzi. In fact, the video below can pain the real picture.

Watch the video below:


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Too hot for your eyes: Hajia 4 Real puts her banging body on display

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