Top 10 Football Stars Your Wife Wants To Sleep With- Sergio Ramos, Ronaldo, Messi Make List

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Aside the loads of excitements our favourite footballers give us on the pitch, they exude much hotness and sexiness that make ladies who don’t even love football drool over them.

In a compilation made by, handsome and sexy football stars who could leave your wife wishing to have s£x with them have been rated in an order.

The compilation sees the stars given a specific percentage which shows how much hotness they wield that has the tendency of stealing your wife.

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Former free kick specialist, David Beckham unsurprisingly topped the list.

See full list below:

1. David Beckham = 21.25% (Winner ” Mr Steal Your Wife “)

2. Paulo Gazzaniga = 15%

3. Ruben Loftus-Cheek = 13.75

4. Andre Gomes = 11.25

5. Marco Alonso = 8.75%

6. Olivier Giroud = 7.5%

7. Gerard Pique = 7.5


8. Cristiano Ronaldo = 6.25

9. Lionel Messi = 5%

10. Sergio Ramos = 3.75

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