Top 14 African Countries With Good Roads- Benin & Mali Have Better Roads Than Ghana

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A new report released by the sourced from the World Economic Forum says roads in Benin and Mali are of a higher quality than those in Ghana.

In fact even without recourse to this report, every Ghanaian knows the road network in Ghana is very poor which largely contributes to the carnage on our road which has made Ghana one of the unsafest place to drive statistically.

The report reveals that the best quality of roads are found in Namibia while the worst ones are found in Chad. Ghana’s score is 3.00 below the average of 3.43 out of a total score of 7.00.

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Below is the ranking of top African countries with good roads.

  1. Namibia

2. Egypt

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3. Rwanda

4. Mauritius

5. Morocco

6. South Africa

7. Kenya

8. Senegal

9. Tanzania

10. Algeria

11. Cape Verde

12. Seychelles

13. Swaziland

14. Burundi

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