The Top 5 Female Celebrities with Gargantuan Hips You Should Know

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This is the one thing we beat the whites to. Yes, our African women has got the endowment and are very curvy. We have made a list of female celebrities in Ghana with stunning figures which mesmerizes anyone who’s eyes yell out on them.
I mean when you see their shape alone, you will yell out like i do like “Say W-h-at? All of this for one person?”
It’s unfortunate you and i would not get to see what’s beneath all that because we are not their husbands, neither are we their boyfriends, unless, you have plans of dating the single ones among them. I made my list of my top five gargantuan, curvy, hips aa hips womem. I sure know, you would agree with my list, and if i missed out someone, do tell me in the comment box.



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1. Peace Hyde: Yes, She’s my number one. Chocolate, heavy, and got it big in the defence and attack. Do not look at her for too long when you meet her, for you will….i  don’t want to say. Peace has not only got the stature but brains you will be envious of.She has a first class honours in Psychology from Middlesex University.She’s a presenter of EFGH on Etv.

Now you can really through her dress- no hip pads, soo real



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2. Joycelyn Dumas: She’s been in this list several times and even each time Nigerians also make a list like this, she still makes it in. Her hips have been proven to be natural, after she wore a dress like this just to prove she does not use a hip pad. I love her color tho, she makes it on number 2 on my list. She is also an actress and presenter of At Home with Joyceln and was picked in 2012 as the face of Range Rover Evoque in Ghana


















3.Juliet Ibrahim: She’s the girl with the swag. The Nigerians love her yet they hate her. Aside her hips and nice physique, her lips are just adorable. She makes you understand the statement “hips don’t lie” as she rocks in everything she wears.Juliet is also an actress, musician, and a model. She’s of Labenese and Liberian decent and recently got divorced.
















4.Martha Ankomoah: Mmmmm, she’s the sexiest actress in Ghana right now. She can just make you ink your pants with sperms, without touching you. She’s a not only raunchy, but a talented actress who acts best as a bad girl in movies.











5. Yvonne Okoro: Yvonne Okoro roll am ooo, you sure love this baby. A beautiful actress and producer. She stormed Gh with her first ver self produced movie “Contract”


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