Top 5 Ghanaian Female Celebrity Talkatives of Our Time.

Have you ever wondered how your favorite celebrities were like when they were in school? Yeah, i have always wondered and you would love this list.

These celebrities were big time talkatives in school and they had their names always on the names of talkatives with D.p attached to it. And surprisingly, they are still talkatives till date, they are only lucky no one punishes adult talkatives. The list might include your favorite celebrity but if it does not, then tell her to start talking more to beat this talkatives.




1.Efya is Ghana’s most number 1 female talkative. With that little mouth, she’s got, she can really talk a lot. Efya a sensational musician with hits like Best In Me, is the number one female celebrity on twitter who has the most tweets. Yes, as at the time i was writing that, she had about 56,000 tweets with 146,000 followers alone. Yes, imagine if all that was money. It tells you how much she can talk. She doesn’t only tweet what she wants to say, but spends lots of time retweeting too. Yes, so if there is any twitter award for gh female celebs, Efya will win it.







nana aba anamoah2.Nana Aba Anamoah of TV3 News is the second most wanted talkative in Ghana. We all know how much she loves sports, and the only female in Ghana, i have seen now who hosts a sports show. Am no surprised she likes talking, she’s a newscaster and spends most of her leisure time tweeting and replying her fans.She’s very interactive. She has 52,700 tweets alone on twitter and still counting and has 109,000 people are following her. Want to follow her, its @thenanaba






ama k abebrese
3.I am not surprised Ama K. Abebrese grabbed the number three spot. She’s a real talkative even in real life. Ama K is a presenter, actor and producer. She used to host a show in the UK until she decided to join us in Ghana. She hosted A Day in A Life on Viasat 1 before she moved to TV3 to host their New Day Program. Ama K has 18,100 tweets and 113,000 followers. She mostly tweets about her bleaching campaign and the show she hosts. She will retweet you if you satisfy her with your tweet. So follow Ama K on the handle @Ama_K_Abebrese







eazzy4.It’s Eazzy Baby on number 4! Yes, the Wengeze hitmaker also likes talking a lot. I love her songs and it’s sad they don’t want her to win awards these days. Eazzy has about 18,200 tweets and has the least followers in this list too. She has 64,700 followers. Follow her on twitter @eazzyfirstlady. She’s a still single, tell her you love her and she will give you a retweet.








yvonne nelson


5.The girl with the best legs in the game. Well, thats her bragging right. Yvonne Nelson, the Ghanaian actress Ghanaians love to hate and love to love. People find fault with almost everything she does, even her skin color. She cares less, she is on number four on the twitter talkative list. I thought she would be the number 1 but hey, she’s got competiton when it comes to talking….lol. Yvonne has 16, 500 tweets and 349,000 followers. Yes, she’s that famous, the more people talk about you, the more famous you become. She will retweet you if you tell her she is the most beautiful girl, you’ve seen on Jupiter. Yeah, she loves to be flattered a lot and tweets about how hard the country is when she feels like, she sometimes likes to brag in her tweets too. Follow her @yvonnenelsongh



Know any celebrity who has more tweets than this five here? I will be glad to know, send me an email to [email protected]


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