Top 5 most attractive royal of all time, see who beats them all

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Princess Diana has been revealed as the most beautiful royal of all times, according to ancient Greece ‘s ‘golden ratio’.

Harley Street surgeon Dr Julian De Silva ran Golden ratio analysis on some the most well-known royal women, and found that the late Diana was the most attractive, having obtained the highest score.

The Golden Ratio was devised in ancient Greece to determine ‘physical perfection’ by comparing the measurements, ratios and symmetry of the facial features.


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Dr De Silva, who runs the Centre For Advanced Facial Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery in London, said: ‘Diana, Meghan and Kate are all very beautiful women. But when measured against the Greeks’ Golden Ratio of physical perfection, Princess Diana comes out on top… Diana scored highly for her face shape, the width of her nose, her brow area, her forehead and her eyebrows – which all got the top scores. Her lowest scores were for her chin and lips. Her lips are a little thin and ill-defined and her chin is less classical than some of the other women.’


The stunning Queen Rania of Jordan closely came in second place with a score of 88.9 per cent. She is the most attractive living royal that Dr De Silva used his face mapping technology on. He said: ‘Queen Rania is the most beautiful living royal and a stunningly attractive woman. She had the highest marks of all for her classically shaped chin and also scored highly for her lips. She was marked down for her nose width and her brow area.’


Actress Grace Kelly, later known as Princess Grace following her wedding to Monaco’s Prince Reinier, scored 88.8 per cent and came in third position. Dr Julian De Silva said: ‘Princess Grace has a timeless beauty and had the highest scores for her eye spacing and her eye position is almost perfect with a score of 99.8 per cent. Her stunning lips also scored the highest. She lost marks for her chin which is a little indistinct.’


Meghan Markle scored 87.7 per cent and came in fourth position. She is, according to Dr De Silva, the most attractive princess in the top. Meghan Markle stood out thanks to her ‘beautiful facial symmetry,’ the doctor noted. He added that she got ‘closer than any other princess to having what the Greeks considered the perfect face.’


Kate Middleton came closely behind Meghan with a score of 86.82 percent. Dr De Silva remarked she was still one of the most beautiful women in the world. He said: ‘Kate stands out for having a perfect gap between her nose and lips and very strong eye spacing. She was marked down for having a weaker chin and jawline than Diana.’

Credit: DailyMail


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