Tourists would still visit shrines instead of National Cathedral – IMANI-Africa Vice President

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In the opinion of the Vice President of IMANI-Africa, Bright Simons, tourists will prefer to visit the Sakumono shrine instead of the National Cathedral when completed.

He dropped this assessment while shooting claims projected by the government that the huge sanctuary will attract millions of tourists to the country right after it’s completed.

Bright Simons argued that if tourist attraction is the main idea behind the National Cathedral, then indigenous shrines found in major ethnic groups in Ghana could do the magic.

He noted that tourists from abroad on such pilgrimage will do so because of the historical, artistic, and also spiritual purposes and will opt for a shrine at the expense of a Cathedral.

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“If you are a tourist, you will probably come to Ghana to see the Sakumono Shrine if it was probably designed to be tourist-friendly than coming to see another Christian cathedral,” Bright Simons said on Joy Newsfile.

It must be noted that the National Cathedral, upon completion completed will house chapels and baptistery, a 5,000-seater main auditorium which will be expandable to a 15,000-seating capacity for national events and celebrations.

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