Tracey Boakye Has Exposed Her Fake Lifestyle In Her Quest To Tarnish My Image- Mzbel

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Tracey Boakye has been trolling someone on Social Media for a while now and she has Finally named Mzbel as the person on the other end.

She made several videos mocking, insulting and dragging this person who is now identified as Mzbel and called her an old lady with zero accomplishments.

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Mzbel however has replied to Tracey’s shade. In an Instagram live, she disclosed that she is proud to be old because it’s a blessing for someone to get to her stage in life . She further disclosed that she is better than Tracey who lives a fake life in Instagram by saying she worked hard to achieve her wealth, but in reality she screwed someone’s husband to acquire them.

The 16 years hit singer made it known that she is completely unfazed and unbothered by Tracey’s rants and thus she’ll just live her life as she pleases regardless of other people’s perceptions.


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