Tracey Boakye Is To Be Blamed For My Failed Marriage WIth My 73 Year Old Husband – Actress Alledges (Video)

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Fast rising Ghanaian actress, Joyce Boakye has leveled serious allegations against  colleague actress Tracey Boakye  for being the main culprit behind the collapse of her marriage.

The Kumawood actress told Zion Felix on the ‘Uncut Show’ that Tracey stabbed her in the back by lying to her husband following a movie they shot some months ago.


According to the actress, her husband became furious after she played a role which had a sex scene.

After trying all that she can to explain things to her husband, she put her trust in Tracey to confirm what really transpired on the set to her husband.

But after Tracey agreed to do so, she allegedly told the husband a different thing and that led to their divorce.

Joyce said all her efforts to reach Tracey have proved futile because she is not answering her calls and she has blocked her on WhatsApp as well.

Months after the incident, the actress still holds her stance that the leaked video was just a scene from a movie (pure acting) and not real.

She said her partner in the video sent the ‘behind the scene photos’ to his wife and she is okay with it because she now knows it was just acting.

Interestingly, Joyce claimed she informed her husband about this role in the movie before they went on set.

Joyce Boakye stated that they had been together for nine (9) years and she couldn’t compare him to any other man. In all these years, they had no child.

She stressed that her love for the elderly man is not because of his money but true love.

The actress described her estranged husband whose last child is older than her as a caring man.

Joyce Boakye added that she is not ready to be in any relationship after letting go her elderly husband.

Watch the full interview below:

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