Tracy Sarkcess Broke A Major Wedding Rule

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Weddings are a very special moments in every bride’s life and they say their happiest day in every woman’s life is on the day they get married to the love of their life–It’s hard to even find the words to describe how they feel and that was the case of Sarkodie’s wife, Tracy Sarkcess now Mrs. Owusu.

Sarkodie and Tracy had their traditional marriage at a private ceremony inside Tema on July 17th and then sealed it with a white wedding at which was also private the Labadi Beach Hotel.

On the day of her white wedding, we noticed something unusual. Tracy Sarkcess wore a VEIL on her wedding day and we were not expecting that. There’s no doubt she looked beautiful in it but she broke a MAJOR WEDDING RULE—Not illegal though but some Christians have a problem with it.

Sarkodie and Tracy
Sarkodie and Tracy on their wedding day

Okay, so what’s wrong with her wearing a VEIL?

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The use of Veils has a long history and the purpose it serves differs from culture to culture but in Christianity, women are only allowed to use VEILS when they are virgins and have not had sex before marriage. Some churches are very strict and would never allow the woman to wear the veil if you are not a virgin.

Also, for Akans, the purpose of the VEIL is to hide the woman the man is getting married from him. On their wedding day, he would raise the VEIL 3 times to confirm if indeed its the same woman he wants to get married to that has been brought for him.

That’s not all people!

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While VEILS maybe be used to indicate the woman is  a VIRGIN in Christianity, some people just wear it as a sign of ownership when its been lifted. Some wear it just to cover their face.

Some also wear it just for the beauty of it. In Jewish faith, veils are meant to act as a public display that the groom isn’t marrying his bride because of how she looks. He’s basically saying ‘I love you so much, I would marry you even if I can’t see your face.’ Aww.

So Why Do You Say Tracy Broke A Wedding Rule?

Well, not literally but some ‘Christians’ are not happy that she wore it, reason being that, she’s been banging and chopping, caressing and smooching, kissing and licking and even has a daughter, so BAD BAD BAD! ( Pardon me for that, gotta flow with the trend innit?) so they didn’t expect her to wear a VEIL.

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Interestingly, Tracy’s white wedding didn’t take place in a church building although it was officiated by as pastor, so it’s obvious, she wanted to avoid the many Christian hypocrites right?

With all of the other reasons, I have cited above why a woman should wear a VEIL, it’s clear Tracy wore a VEIL for two reasons.

So What Are Those Reasons?

1. She Wore It As A Sign Of Ownership

So Sarkodie has been ‘chopping and banging,…… Okay, I won’t add the rest but BAD BAD BAD! Tracy perhaps wore the veil to tell King Sark that, now you own me, you have the legal rights to do with my beautiful body as you please! —I know…

2. The Prettiness Factor & To For Sarkodie To Prove To People His Love For Her Is More Than What The Eyes See On The Outside.

Who knows, perhaps Sarkodie was even the one who insisted she wore a VEIL—IDK

But like I stated earlier, women just love to wear it because of the prettiness factor but more importantly, like the Jewish faith, the man allows the woman to wear it to prove to her that, his love for her is soo real that even if he cannot see her face, he would always love her–Yeah, sort of like telling her, for better for worse, in sickness and in health….. (Okay, I don’t know those lines, let me end here)

Okay, so there you have it! What do you also think? Should she have worn one? Share your thoughts on this with me in comments now. SHARE this article if you loved it—Winks (I’m serious, please share wai).

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