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Now that’s the kind of money Ghana movie makers, cannot make from their movies. Paramount’s Transformers:Age of Extinction made a $41.6 million on Friday at the North American Box office after earning an A score from movie goers despite bad reviews written about the movie by websites. The movie is likely to be the first movie to make $100 million in it’s first weekend premiere and would be a big opening for star Mark Wahlberg’s career.

The movie is opening in major markets China, Russia and Australia this weekend and will roll out also in Europe and Latin America after the world cup. The movie took in a record of $30 million in China on Friday, the biggest opening of all time for a foreign movie.

Age of Extinction is expected to make $210 million to cut compensate for the studios less profit movies, and if traffics do not drop at the various cinemas across the world, it will be the first movie to be able to make that $210 million tentpole.

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