The Trending Lesbian Slap: We’ve Learned She Got Slapped Because She Snatched The ‘Slapper’s’ Boyfriend

We are certain, you might have seen some trending video on Facebook, in which a girl slaps a very beautiful girl in it as tho, she was practicing some slapping tutorials she learned on Youtube. Most people concluded that, the girls in the video were lesbians and that, the one who was slapped was having some sort of affair with the girlfriend of the slapper.

Further checks by on Social media has revealed that, that perception that they are lesbians is wrong and that, they are actually straight people and that the girl was abused because she had snatched the other girl’s boyfriend from her.

The lady who slapped the girl is known as Joana Odonkor aka Pinky and had slapped her because she (known as Wiggles or Lizzy)  had slept with her boyfriend.

So the Joana girl was asking Wiggles to apologise if she had agreed that, she was no longer going to share her man with her. And from what we saw in the video, the slaps came in, when Wiggles refused to apologize.

What’s even funny is that, the young man, these two girls are even fighting over is said to be in Dubai currently banging some other girl.

We’ve also learned that the Joana girl is currently in police custody at the East Legon Police Station.

If you missed the video, watch it again below: