Trendz : Interesting facts about the Interpark Music Founded group

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Trendz is a popular boy kpop group based in South Korea. The group was established by Interpark Music, one of the biggest music brands that have been working hard towards the growth of Artists in South Korea.

The Group debuted on January 5th in the year 2022 with 5 initial members but later added two to make it seven members in toatal. 

Trendz Members


The group consists of Seven Talented boys who have all made a clear case for themselves having regularly been on the list of Music lover in South Korea.

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The seven Members of the group are of Havit, Leon, ra.L, Yoonwoo, Eunil, Yechan, and Hankook.

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Now that we know the group consist of seven members with their names already put out here, let’s take a look at whom they are individually.


Nicknamed Cho Korea, Hanlook is a South Korean rapper under Interpark Music Plus. He was born on April 3 in the year 2002 making him 20 years of age currently. He also stands at a height of 181Cm tall.

Trendz Members


Havit is a Renowned South Korean singer who is signed under interpark Music Plus to the Popular Boys Group Trendz. He was born on June 7 in 1999 making him 23 years of age.

Being An important member of the Group, Havit was recruited into the Group when he was announced as Second member in October 2018.


Yoonwoo is a south Korean singer cum Rapper, he is Known well as one of the seven members of Trendz. He was born on August 28, 2000 And that is a confirmation that he is 21 years of age currently.

After Six Young men were already announced as Musicians signed into the Group, Yoonwoo was the seventh member having been made known to the public as a member on August 23 2019.


Leon is a South Korean singer under Interpark Music Plus. His Birth name is Kim Dong-hyu.


Ra.L is a young Musician born on September 29, 2003 Under the birth name Yi Taehyun. He is one of the members making waves with Trendz group having been announced as the sixth member on August 7, 2019.


Eunil is also another young and Talented musician signed to Trendz as a their Fifth member on August 1, 2019.

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He has since won the hearts of many being a lead vocalist of the Group. Eunil was born on the 21st day of November 2003.


Yechan is a South Korean Rapper and Dance who plays a huge part of the popular group Trendz. Im fact he is the youngest in the group being born on October 27, 2005.

As young as he might be, he is the lead dancer of the Group.

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