Trevor Noah makes a joke about having a “big head” after hitting 7 million followers on Instagram

South African comedian Trevor Noah is being followed by 7 million people now and he's made a joke about having a "big head"

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South Africa’s Trevor Noah has 7 million followers on Instagram now and has joked about literally having a “big head” from trying to keep all the 7 million followers by name in his head.

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Trevor who is based in the United States shared his excitement on gaining 7 million followers on his Instagram.

He made a joke about people having a huge following on Instagram tend to be big-headed, and told fans that thanks to them, he has a “big head” and he’s “forced” to remember every follower by name seeing that’s a respectable thing to do.

In a post Trevor Noah which is a picture of his big Afro, he captioned; “When people assume you get a big head cause you hit seven million followers on the gram.

“But don’t consider that it could just be your brain expanding at a crazy ridiculous rate from trying to remember every follower by name, because that’s the respectable thing to do! If you’re reading this, thank you for following along!”

Although he may be joking about having a “big head” due to his huge following on the gram, many believe Trevor has every reason to feel like he’s on top of the world.


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A post shared by Trevor Noah (@trevornoah)

Last week, Trevor mentioned how thrilled he was that he’d be hosting the prestigious Grammy Awards in 2021.

“Though I am extremely disappointed that the Grammys have refused to have me sing or be nominated for best pop album, I am thrilled to be hosting this auspicious event.

“I think as a one-time Grammy nominee, I am the best person to provide a shoulder to all the amazing artists who do not win on the night because I know the pain of not winning the award! (This is a metaphorical shoulder, I’m not trying to catch corona.) See you at the 63rd Grammys!” The Daily Show host said in a statement.


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