Trigmatic to Encourage Youth to Go Into Agriculture

Rapper Trigmatic is set to launch a campaign, ‘Grow Ghana Eat Ghana’ to encourage the youth to go into agriculture.

Trigmatic, in an interview on Daybreak Hitz with KMJ, said that the campaign is aimed at creating awareness of how important agriculture is in the development of the country.


He explained that, “’Grow Ghana Eat Ghana Campaign’ is about being able to monitor or being in control of the things you eat, I hear people importing rubber rice and all sort of things. Since Ghana has been blessed, we have to bring our agriculture back as indicated (green) in the Ghana in our flag. We want more people to get involved especially the youth because it’s important to control and grow what we eat.”

“I was super excited when the president [Nana Akufo-Addo] officially launched the campaign on agriculture therefore, we need to concentrate on the agricultural sector too, we need to have an agenda and this agenda is what we are pushing,” he said.
The “Life” hit maker also spoke to KMJ about his four-acre rice farm he has already started at Ahwerenkwanta.

Trigmatic asserted that, “We started with just an acre and since we were not getting sponsors. We needed to grow our own rice, harvest and donate till it expanded.” He added that, “In a couple of days, I will take few of my journalist friends to see how it all began and an experience of how the farm looks like. We are already involved [and] in a couple of days, it will be officially launched and push it as national agenda.”