Trisha Stratford Passed Away: Cause Of Death and Obituary?

Fans and people who liked Trisha Stratford want to know what happened to her. Read this story all the way through to find out more about her health problems.

Trisha Stratford was a well-known reality TV star who rose to fame after appearing on Married at First Sight, an Australian reality show that was a big hit.

On the show, relationship experts like Stratford and other professionals help couples who are about to get married but have never met before find each other.

She and the other experts on the show give help and direction to the couples as they go through their weddings.

Stratford was also a TV reporter for the BBC and CNN in New Zealand and around the world. She also covered the civil wars in Somalia, Bosnia, and Rwanda as a war reporter.

Trisha Stratford Death Cause: How Did She Die?

At the time this post was made, the reason for Trisha Stratford’s death on MAFS had not been revealed. At the moment, Stratford’s family is sad about the loss, and they seem to want to be alone during this hard time.

So, they haven’t told us anything about how Trisha died. Many people who were close to Trisha are sending condolences and tributes to her family.

John Aiken, who works with Stratford, also told MAFS friends and following the sad news, which shocked them. He wrote about Trisha’s death at the age of 72 on Instagram.

The whole Genius Celebs team sends its deepest condolences to the devastated family, friends, cousins, and close ones of the Stratfords.

Trisha Stratford Obituary and Funeral Details

Many places on the web have written obituaries for Trisha Stratford. The official message from Stratford has not been released yet, but they may give some details soon.

As we already said, Trisha’s coworker John Aiken put the news on Instagram, which shocked everyone. He sent Stratford a picture of himself and wrote,

“I’m heartbroken and devastated that my friend and dear colleague Trisha has passed away. We shared an amazing seven seasons of @MAFS together. She loved everything New Zealand, relationships, the All Blacks, the Black Caps, French wine and traveling the world. I’ll miss you, Tish. Thank you for all the memories.”

People also want to know more about her funeral and memorial services, but it has not been posted yet. The facts may be updated in the future.

Trisha Stratford Illness And Health Issue

People have been asking questions about Trisha Stratford’s illness and health since the news of her death spread. In the past, she was said to have been sick while on MAFS.

Trisha left the reality TV show because she was sick, but it’s still not clear what was wrong with her. In 2021, she said something about why she left the show.

But the reality TV star who died didn’t say what the sickness was. Also, her death at age 72 has made a lot of people wonder about her.

The family of Stratford is in pieces right now, and they haven’t said anything. So, everyone should also respect the family’s privacy and wait until more information is available.


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