Trouble looms as actor Yul Edochie unfollows his first wife as tension builds up over 2nd wife saga

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Yul Edochie has reportedly unfollowed his wife May Edochie as tension builds up in their matrimonial home over the actor’s second wife saga.

The popular Nollywood thespian and son of the legendary actor Pete Edochie shocked his fans when he recently announced on social media that he has taken a second wife, Judy Austin and had a child with her secretly.

Although Yul has tried to downplay the impact of breaking his marital vows, it’s obvious the fundamentals of the marriage are now wobbly.

It has been widely circulated that the marriage between May and Yul could head south after Judy came into the picture and the first sign has been this social media shenanigan.

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Likewise, recall that the mother of four noted recently revealed that the issue has eaten her up but rather than slipping into depression, she’s holding on tightly through the storm.

“Some people are saying May is using this to cash out. I don’t wish this against my enemy. Depression is real. And there are different stages of depression. For me, rather than dwell in depression, I decided to pick the pieces of the beautiful world I had, a very beautiful world that I had.”

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“An amazing family that suddenly shattered and I decided to pick up the pieces and try to move on rather than dwell in depression. It has not been easy. I’m glad that I look happy and appear strong.”

“I’m glad that I have been able to go out there and do stuff. It is because of the love and support from my family and you guys. The love has been massive. These are the things that have kept me going,” she told reporters.

Meanwhile, see a screenshot indicating that Yul has indeed unfollowed his wife.


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