Troy Aikman Age: How Old Is The Former NFL Player?

Troy Aikman Age
Troy Aikman

He made his name as an NFL quarterback, and upon his retirement, he was enticed by talking about sports; thus, he chose to become a broadcaster other than a coach, set up some business, and mind his business somewhere. What is Troy Aikman’s age today? How old is he?

In this article, we are going to discuss the age of the former NFL player who is now a celebrated broadcaster in the United States of America.

When people become so popular as Troy Aikman has been, everything about them becomes so important to the people around them as well as those that have come to enjoy the work that they do.

In addition to Troy Aikman age which we are going to talk to you about, you are also going to learn many other things about him in this article.

Kindly read to the end to learn about him.

Troy Aikman Age: Who is He?

Troy Aikman is a citizen of the United States of America.

He was born Troy Kenneth Aikman in West Covina, California, USA.

At the age of 12, he and his family relocated to Henryetta, Oklahoma after spending his formative years in California.

There are not many details about his parents and siblings.

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Troy Aikman Age: How Old Is He?

Troy Aikman Net Worth
Troy Aikman

On November 21st, 1966, he was born in the United States of America. This means that as of the writing of this article, Troy Aikman Age was 56.

He has spent more than five decades on earth, heading into his sixth decade.

After playing in the National Football League for several seasons, he joined broadcasting, and just as he made his name in the NFL, he has also made his name in broadcasting as he is regarded as one of the best around.

While still in high school, he was named to the football All-State team and also won the typing state title.

The New York Mets actually offered him a baseball contract after he graduated from high school, despite the fact that he was a great football player.

Troy made the decision to play football instead, and he enrolled at the University of Oklahoma, where he participated under head coach Barry Switzer.

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Net Worth

We know Troy Aikman age now, but how much money has he made in his career?

The estimated net worth of Troy Aikman, a former NFL quarterback who is now a broadcaster, is $65 million.

Aikman spent 12 seasons with the Dallas Cowboys as a player in the National Football League, and during that time, he earned a sizable sum of money.

Troy has earned money through broadcasting in addition to his professional NFL career.

Is The Former NFL Player married?

Once upon a time, Lorrie Morgan, a well-known country singer, and Troy were romantically involved.

He eventually wedded Rhonda Worthey, a publicist, in 2000.

The couple had two kids together before divorcing in 2011.

Aikman later got married in 2017 after becoming engaged to fashion retailer Catherine Mooty.

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