Troy Aikman Net Worth: Check His Worth

Troy Aikman Net Worth
Troy Aikman

The National Football League is a sport in which professionals earn quite a lot of money, and when you play in the league for more than ten seasons, you are sure to earn quite a lot of money. What is Troy Aikman’s net worth today? Unlike other former NFL players who will normally become coaches after their playing careers, Troy has decided to try broadcasting.

In this article, we are going to discuss his riches both in his NFL career and his broadcasting career. How much money has he made in his career so far?

Reading this article to the end will give you all the information about Troy Aikman net worth that you should know.

Also, you will get to know who he is and how his career took off, and the things that he was able to achieve before retiring from the sport to join broadcasting.

Troy Aikman Net Worth: Who is He?

In this section of the article, learn about Troy Aikman’s background, education, and more.

On November 21st, 1966, Troy Kenneth Aikman was born in West Covina, California.

At the age of 12, he and his family relocated to Henryetta, Oklahoma after spending his formative years in California.

He demonstrated his potential as a future star athlete while he was living in Oklahoma by participating in football for his high school team.

He earned All-State football accolades while still in high school, and he also won the typing state championship.

Even though he was a gifted football player, the New York Mets really offered him a baseball deal after he graduated from high school.

Troy decided on football instead, enrolling at the University of Oklahoma and participating there while playing for head coach Barry Switzer.

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Despite only being a freshman, he jumped into the starting lineup right away and guided the Sooners to several significant wins.

His season was cut short by an ankle injury, and he chose to transfer to UCLA.

He continued to produce excellent outcomes after that, and in 2008 he was finally elected to the College Football Hall of Fame.

What is Troy Aikman net worth today?

He earned his money off of his playing career and also as a broadcaster, but how much money has he made?

We will soon find out but how did his professional career start?

Career Beginnings

Troy Aikman
Troy Aikman

Aikman was selected by the Dallas Cowboys as the first overall choice in the 1989 NFL Draft.

Troy steered the group to a Super Bowl triumph in 1992.

1993 saw the next Super Bowl triumph, and 1995 saw the third championship.

Troy maintained his great stats well into the late 1990s, but by 2000, he had made up his mind to retire.

At first, he claimed to the media that the reason he wanted to stop playing was that he couldn’t join another team.

He eventually admitted in 2013 that his ongoing injuries were the underlying cause of his retirement.

In particular, he had major back problems that required ongoing care to relieve the discomfort.

Troy Aikman Net Worth

As a retired professional NFL quarterback and now as a broadcaster, Troy Aikman net worth is estimated to be $65 million.

Aikman played in the National Football League for 12 seasons with the Dallas Cowboys, and within that period, he made quite a lot of money.

As well as earning money in his professional NFL career, Troy has also earned money in broadcasting.

How much did he make as a player and how much did he earn as a broadcaster after retiring?

Read further for the breakdown of his net worth.

NFL Earnings

Troy Aikman
Troy Aikman

Troy made $55.5 million in total throughout his NFL career, which included $27.4 million in base pay and $17.85 million in bonuses.

He signed an 8-year, $50 million contract with the NFL in 1993, which included an $11 million signing bonus, making him the highest-paid player in the league.

This contract would be worth $90 million in today’s dollars, with a $20 million signing bonus.

His annual compensation was $7.5 million at the time he retired.

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Broadcasting Earnings

Earnings from his broadcasting career also helped to boost Troy Aikman net worth. How much did he make in broadcasting?

Aikman’s initial salary as a broadcaster was only $1 million annually.

He became the highest-paid sports broadcaster in the world in 2019 after having his compensation increased to $7.5 million annually.

When Tony Romo signed a contract with CBS in 2020 that paid $17 million annually, he smashed this record.

Troy’s Romo-“FOMO” came to an end in February 2022 when he was also awarded a massive television deal.

Troy left Fox for ESPN in February 2022 under a contract that will pay him $90 million over five years.

That amounts to about $18 million annually.

In other words, by the time this one contract expires, Troy will have more than doubled his total NFL earnings.

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