Sunday, November 29, 2020

Is It True That Ahoufe Patri Smokes Weed Perhaps More Than Peter Tosh & Bob Marley? Here’s What We Know

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So yesterday, a news blog, published an exclusive that, Ahuofe Patri smokes too much weed these days and her family members have become worried especially her mom and all efforts to get her to stop smoking have proved futile.

The website also reported that she was influenced by her friends, Efya the musician, Afia Schwarzenegger, and Kwabena Kwabena and now she smokes more weed perhaps even more than Peter Tosh and Bob Marley, a reason why she’s lost weight recently.

When the news broke, has been trying to speak to multiple sources in order to determine the veracity of the stories published by several websites.

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We spoke to some close friends, her current manager, Kofi Asamoah (whom, we hear is perhaps no longer managing her but has denied that claim) and some close family members.

Her manager was  very confident that, his actress is not a drug addict and that someone was behind all of it

“Ahuofe Patri is not a drug addict. Somone is just trying to be mischievous”
 “If anyone says she is… let them prove where and when they saw her smoke”

When we spoke to some of her friends, they were tight-lipped on telling us anything–Who would want to betray their friend?

We also had the opportunity to speak to another family member but judging from what she told us, she couldn’t conclusively tell us whether it’s true or not although she personally feels, Ahoufe Patri would not do something like that, as she loves her mom and it would hurt her mom if she finds out her daughter is involved in such act.

We had wanted to get to her mom and Ahuofe Patri herself, but all efforts to get to them failed at the time of this publication.

Some friends have also said that Ahuofe Patri can be very stubborn at times and is a very secretive person, so it’s hard to know her moves, but they are just hoping that the reports are not true as the effects of smoking ‘wee’ are very obvious.

We are still digging to find out more on this but if it happens that it’s true, then we are just hoping that the various publications would persuade her to change that behavior that she’s adopted from her friends.

She’s had a successful career so far since she became famous on the back of the popular skit ‘Boys Kasa’ which featured Kalybos.

She’s played 3 major roles in all of the movies produced by her manager, Kofi Asamoah. She was a lead female character in Kalybos In China, Amakye & Dede and John & John.

She has also played minor roles in other films and was recently featured in Nadia’s movie ‘Deranged.

She currently plays the role of a lead actress in Delay’s tv series ‘Cocoa Brown’ and the ambassador for iTel, a mobile phones brand.



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