True success does not involve blood sacrifice – Criss Waddle

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True success does not involve blood sacrifice – Criss Waddle

CEO of the Arab Money Gang movement has taken the wind out of the sails of many who think he has made his wealth perhaps through rituals and spiritual sacrifices that involve the shedding of blood.

According to Criss Waddle, true success involves great sacrifice and the desire to see oneself to the top. However, he clarified that true success does not involve blood sacrifice.

Sharing his thought on social media with an accompanying photo, Criss Waddle understood that asking people to put in more sacrifice if they want to make it to the top may be misconstrued to mean going for blood sacrifice.

Therefore, he immediately added to the tail end of his caption a caveat that will certainly answer the lingering question on the mind of many who saw the post.

He also understands that a section of the public has a strong yet unverifiable view about rich and wealthy young people like himself and think they may have used dubious means to acquire wealth.

The AMG CEO has also said countlessly that he receives messages from young people who ask him to show them the way…this request presupposes that Criss Waddle may be up to something conny.

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