TT can make over ₵6,000 every month- Ayisha Modi shows the way after the actor started begging again

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Ayisha Modi has shown Psalm Adjeteyfio (TT) how he can make a cool ₵6,000 monthly after a leaked audio of him begging media personality MzGee for food went viral. 

Ayisha in reaction clearly demonstrated that she is not enthused with TT’s conduct while also adding she gave him money during the same period he received ₵50,000 from Dr. Mahamaudu Bawumia, the Vice president of the Republic of Ghana.

After the hubbub TT’s audiotape generated, he came out to say he used ₵30,000 to buy a parcel of land and gave ₵20,000 to his unemployed son to purchase a taxi.

In view of this, Ayisha who seems not impressed with the veteran actor’s investment skills has come up with this reaction;

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“Naaa if he made investment with the money we all gave him, TT can be making over 6,000gh every month bro. So what kind of investment is he talking about? I invested 50,000 dollars at Gh bank and I make 6,000 dollars profit every 6months bro”

To make things clearer, she gave the exact time that she gave the money to the veteran actor saying;

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“Bro the same time the Vic president gave him the money I also did.”

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