Tuface’s Baby Mama, Pero Dares Annie To Bring Evidence Of Tuface And Her Together As Couple, Tells Her To Work On Their Failed Marriage

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Veteran Nigerian singer, Tuface Idibia’s baby mama, Pero Adeniyi has revealed she the last time she spoke to him was four months ago.

Speaking in an interview with Stella Dimokorkus she emphasized that she stayed away from Tuface and Annie’s marriage because of issues like what’s currently going on.

According to her, she’s not in contact with Tuface because Annie keeps a tab on her activities with the singer and she’s also in a relationship.

Speaking on Annie’s allegations that Tuface ran to the US to see her, she noted that, “Why am I her easy target to gain sympathy online? why try to make me responsible if your marriage is failing? I dare her to bring out any evidence of me and Tuface together as a couple? There is even no relationship at all”

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She added, “I heard that anybody around Tuface that calls my name becomes an automatic enemy to Annie….Is everyone supposed to hate me because she does? She fights his friends who are nice to me…I am like for Chrissake, you are a wife, face your marriage and leave me out o.”


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