He is alive, look at this hint of grey hair- Social media goes into a meltdown after fresh photos of Tupac emerges despite dying over 20 years ago

Social media has once again slumped into a meltdown as the conspiracy theory shrouding Tupac Shakur gets concentrated once again.

Fans of hip-hop believe unanimously that Tupac (2Pac) is alive and hiding somewhere in South America, despite his death in 1996 at the age of 25 after being shot in Las Vegas.

This has been reinforced after a picture of Tupac sitting in a car emerged online with the caption: “This picture quality screams 2022.”


Some people pointed out that the trending photo could have been edited, but many still felt the image looked so clear it was hard to believe it was taken decades ago.

One person tweeted that it looked “pristine”, adding: “Too good for the era he lived.”

“How is this picture in the 90s? Someone should please explain,” said another baffled fan.

Others felt Tupac looked older than 25 in the snap, and suggested that meant it was taken when he was older.

“He is alive,” said one. “Look at this hint of grey hair.”

“He doesn’t look 25 here please… There’s something they aren’t telling us,” said another.

Still a good number of people believe Pac is alive because of what he said about faking his death and going into hiding in one of his songs years ago.

“Tupac is still alive, he might be hiding in one interior African country,” said one.

“And his murder is still a mystery right, nobody knows who killed Tupac… I guess nobody actually killed the guy,” tweeted another.

“Maybe he faked his death too and is currently hiding in mainland Lagos,” someone else said.

One suspicious fan posted: “Police needs to reinvestigate the death of

Tupac, with the way his new pictures are coming out everyday, it’s hard to believe he died 26 years ago.”

Another fan even said they’d seen the rapper with their own eyes.

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