Twene Jonas angers fans for saying he’ll fly Delay to US and impregnate her accordingly

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Once again, Twene Jonas has infuriated social media users with his insulting comments, this time suggesting that he would fly Delay to the United States of America and get her pregnant there.

The Ghanaian social media loudmouth who is living in the United States said that he would get Delay pregnant in order to embarrass Afia Schwarzenegger.

Jonas presented his evidence in the form of a video in which he called Afia Schwarzenegger a liar and mocked her.

Afia was ridiculed once again by him for her assaults on Delay, and he referred to her as sterile.

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The fact that you had ‘ashwo’ offspring, according to Jonas, is nothing to be proud of. He insulted her appearance and referred to her in other derogatory terms.

Jonas went to Delay and told her that if she is indeed sterile, he can assist her in finding a solution to her problem.

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Jonas has promised that he would take her to the United States, impregnate her, and then give her some beautiful children.

Fans who were outraged by his assertion assaulted him, claiming that he had disrespected the expert presenter.

“The Delay part is annoying asf,” one person wrote.

Another fan took the funny side of things.

“Can u imagine Delay and Jonas babies they will be more than beautiful & handsome😂” he wrote.


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