Policeman who called Akufo-Addo and Bawumia incompetent arrested

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A policeman known as Twene Jonas has been reportedly arrested by the Ghana police. The news was made known by media personality Kofi Adomah via a post on his official YouTube channel.

Kofi Adomah claims Twene Jonas is currently at the police headquarters. Speaking on why he was arrested, Kofi Adoma said Twene Jonas has been making a lot of videos insulting the leaders of the country.

He claims Twene Jonas criticizes the government and its officials whenever he feels things are not going well, but he uses the wrong method to do that. He added that in most of the videos Twene Jonas does, he is seen wearing the uniform of the police, which they claim is illegal.

Even though he is a policeman, the Ghanaian constitution prohibits policemen and women from wearing their uniforms while doing other unimportant things.

Despite all the numerous videos he has done to lambast the government and its officials, the one that got Twene Jonas arrested is where he insulted the president of Ghana, Akufo Addo.

In the video, Twene Jonas is seen using unprintable words on the first gentleman of the country.

Twene Jonas told the president in his video that he wanted to meet him face-to-face because he had something very important to discuss with him.

According to him, President Akufo Addo has destroyed the nation so he wanted to meet him face-to-face and tell him how incompetent he is.

He used the opportunity to fire some shots at the vice president of Ghana, Dr Bawumia, saying that he was very incompetent.

He said that the president made a lot of promises before he became the president but after he was given the nod, he is doing things that contradict the promises he gave Ghanaians.

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