“Go and sell them in Heaven” – Ghanaians react wildly to Twene Jonas’ unveiling of branded T-shirts priced at GHS237

Twene Jonas
Twene Jonas

Self-anointed celebrity Twene Jonas has announced the release of branded shirts priced at a whopping GHS237 and the reactions he has received are just wild.

The US-based Ghanaian has become a social media sensation following the numerous videos he shares comparing the standard of living in the States to Ghana. He has not relented in telling Ghanaians back home and around the globe that the small West African nation is a ‘village.’

Twene Jonas has succeeded in churning out some words and phrases that have eventually become social media jargons and now part of the lexicon of socially-exposed Ghanaians. Phrases like “The system is working 24/7”, “Glass Nkoaa” and “One Minute Biaaa” can all be attributed to Twene Jonas.

Since these jargons have resonated with a lot of Ghanaians, Twne Jonas has decided to be quick to make T-shirts that bear these phrases and words…in effect, he is patenting these words before someone claims ownership.

Due to that Twene Jonas has unveiled these branded-Tshirts priced at a whooping GHS237 ($35.99) and Ghanaians have received it with utter shock as they share wild reactions to this announcement.

Check Out Reactions Below:

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