Twitter User Laments Over Tragic Death Of Both His Mother And Brother In A Car Crash And Kiddwaya Consoles Him

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Kiddwaya of BBNaija fame has consoled a Twitter user who lamented on the social media platform after he revealed that he had lost both his mother and his brother in a car crash.

The user with the Twitter handle, @NathanieMbele poured his heart out after the incident that took the lives of his mother and brother, saying that he couldn’t sleep and thus, needed all the strength he could get.

In such difficult situations, we need other people’s shoulders to lean on.

The messages of condolences did come in for Nathaniel, but one he perhaps, I am sure, wouldn’t have been expecting, was the one that came from Kiddwaya.

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The BBNaija star, in reacting to the post by @NathanieMbele, made the point that the sleepless nights would come, as the user is experiencing right now, but what matters is that his strength is also increasing.

Kiddwaya assured the grieving Twitter user that he might feel lonely right now but he is not alone, adding that everyone, including him, is with him.

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Kiddwaya wrote; “More sleepless nights will come, the days will feel longer. The pain will grow, but so will your strength. God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldier and this battle was given to you. You may feel alone but I can assure you, you are not. We are all with you”.

The user went ahead to share the damages to the vehicle that purportedly crashed killing both his mother and brother. See the image below;

Image of the damage to the vehicle as shared by @NathanieMbele

Below is the post by Kiddwaya consoling him for his loss;

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