Actress Bibi Bright Calls Fellow Actress Nana Akua Ugly, Stupid & Evil Plus Makes Shocking Revelations About Her

There’s some hot rage on going on the Instagram account of Ghanaian actress Bibi Bright right now as the actress has let some ugly cat out of the bag and  we have gathered that she’s all pissed off because a fellow actress known as Nana Akua decided to attack her indirectly under the disguise of several fake accounts on Instagram.

From the bits of information we could gather, someone commented on her photo on Instagram accusing her of killing her own child through abortion and made other allegations.

Bibi Bright who must have been very furious at the comment, posted a screenshot of it on her Instagram, accusing Nana Akua as the one behind the attack. As to how she was able to know that Nana Akua was the one behind the attack, we are yet to figure that out.

In a long post she made on Instagram, she called Nana Akua stupid, evil and rained curses on her and her generation. She explained in her post that, the allegation that she aborted her baby was not true and that she had a miscarriage. She mentioned that, she coudln’t marry her boyfriend because she found out later that they were cousins.

Bibi was fuming with anger all the time she was typing her long ‘essay’ for instagram as she  made shocking revelations  about how Nana Akua paid them to buy her the award she won recently in Nigeria. She also revealed that, Nana Akua talks trash about some actresses and calls them prostitutes. She mentioned  Selly Ghalley, Salma Munin, Yvonne Nelson, Sandra Ankobiah, Juliet Ibrahim, Zynell Zuh, Yvonne Okoro as the actresses Nana Akua talks trash about them.

We have attached the screenshots below for you so you can read everything for yourself. We would bring you more updates on this story.



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