Two teenage friends beat up boyfriend after discovering he’s dating both of them [video]

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Teenage girls have been captured in a video fighting a young who is said to have been secretly dating both of them hence they decided to confront him.

In a video shared on social media, two girls are seen exchanging blows with the guy as he is also seen putting up a serious fight against them.

According to a Facebook user who took to the platform to give details on the video, he reported that the teenage boy visited one of the girls at her home without knowing the other girl was also there.

As the boy reached the house and realized it was a set up he attempted to flee from the scene but unfortunately for him, they refused and pounced on him which escalated to a serious brawl.

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The users noted that one of the girls reported the cheating attitude of her boyfriend to her family so when they saw that he’s was fighting the friend they all joined to attack him

Watch the video below…


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