Brassier, skirt ripped off as two women fight dirty over a man

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Two young women decided to settle their scores over who has the right to be the bonafide property of the man they are both dating.

They did this by fighting dirty in the street in a combat recorded in Limbe, Southwestern Cameroon.

The case has been confirmed by internet users from Cameroon most of who have said such an occurrence is commonplace in their part of the world.

One of them shared the photos of the fierce fight on facebook and wrote;

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“Limbe young girls have not failed to disgrace and represent themselves in the competition of fighting over men. Men really mean a lot to these women.” Clement Toh wrote.

Similarly, a lady has revealed how spontaneous she reacted when she realized her boyfriend was cheating on her.

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Having been suspecting the dude for some time, Edina Daves says she confirmed her curiosity after finding a cunning way of unlocking his phone.

She then discovered to her horror that another girl has been sending him her nudes.

Then she dealt with the situation in a manner that will put an end to the affair. She wrote;

“Last week, I did something crazy but I’ve no regrets at all Cus I feel it was worth it. Noticed my boyfriend was acting fishy lately and no longer allow me access his phone like I used to.

Finally I was able to access his phone via Face ID while he was sleeping day before yesterday then quickly Went through his WhatsApp and saw series of nudes from this lady I know but we haven’t even talked before.

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