Two YOLO Stars Featured In New Series Titled ‘Infatuations’ – Catch The Trailer

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Alph9 studios, a production house in Ghana after bringing out the shout-out show and my voice present a groundbreaking Television Series titled INFATUATIONS directed by Caleb Pappoe, coming to your screens this December.

Growing up in the 21st century comes with it’s own associated problems ranging from fake social media life to family pressures.

Atop all these issues sits the desire to find a loved one and be accepted among our peers. Young people find themselves going to all form of extremes to attain this supposed peak.

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Set in an imaginary school and a locality, Infatuations promises to fun, exciting, intriguing and educational. As the story unfolds, we get to see the disappointments, love at first sights and misplaced priorities that characterises young people of today.

Christabel amoabing
Christabel amoabing

At the same time, we will see how these young ones deal with the problems they face each day, gaining critical insight into their trials, successes, and how they eventually grow.

Characters in Infatuations TV Show are a blend of what we would see among young people in Ghana. From the ladies men to the players. The hustlers to  university graduates and the confused ones as well. The SERIES uses TV and the Web, especially DRAMA, with its wide reach, to entertain, and mimic diverse scenarios most people would be familiar with.

For example, the Drama, through the character of Britney (played by Christable Amoabin of YOLO fame), educates young ones on how to deal with issues of confusion, trust and inferiority complex that bedevils young people in this era.

The series premiere soon on YouTube. Kindly subscribe to our YouTube channel in order not to miss out on the fun and excitement.

Watch the trailer here.

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