Where Is ‘TwoThozin’? Was His Fame A Nine Day Wonder?

This dude blew the minds of several Ghanaians with his style of speech and it became something most people used. I would say his fame was a miraculous one since he didn’t even expect that he would become a household name in Ghana for sometime.

It all started when Joy Prime interviewed him randomly around the Accra Sports Stadium on the 1st of January 2015,asking him for his new year’s resolutions. This dude’s answer blew everyone up and until now,he rose to become a famous person. A section of what he said goes like this,”This year two thozin and fifteen(2015),everything is on deliver fresh”. LOL

Two Thozin
                                                            Two Thozin

Actually,he couldn’t stand the test of time as some comedians have. I remember vividly when Yvonne Nelson had to post pictures of him and herself on Instagram,asking people to follow him on his social media handles. This helped him to raise his fan base though.


Was his fame a nine day wonder?  Is he not that talented enough as the comedian we all saw him to be?? Was he complacent with the fame he had that it had to die that soon?? Or maybe he wanted Yvonne Nelson to manage him but then Yvonne didn’t see the need to,so it made him lose hope?

If my memories could serve me right,I saw “star” at the Accra Sports Stadium during the MTN Pulse Concert which was held some few days ago. I was surprised to see the dude who used to be one of the household names in Ghana go about barefooted and had some torn shirts on,acting very rowdily.

We still use some of his terms though;all you have to do is add the suffix “ly” to anything you say and you good to go. Or shouldly I sayly thatly twhothozinly hasly thrownly dustly intoly our eyesly??LOL. You see how this dude could have improved his career with new ideas,be relevant and make more money?

We still love you man. Rise up and step up your game.


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