Tyler Hadley: The Boy Who Killed His Parents, Case Update

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Tyler Hadley was a teenage student who murdered his parents with a hammer and in this write-up, we’re going to throw light on what led to the incident and her he is now.

He was just 17 years when Tyler Hadley murdered his parents, Blake Hadley, 54, and Mary Jo Hadley, 47 with a hammer in the year 2011. His father used to work at St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant for about three decades and her mother was an elementary school teacher.

Tyler Hadley skipped school and involved himself in drugs and also had mental health issues which his parents even took him to a psychiatrist outpatient mental health.

Tyler Hadley
Tyler Hadley

Where is Tyler Hadley now?

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Tyler Hadley is currently at Okeechobee Correctional Institution serving a sentence after murdering his parents however his house got demolished in 2015.

The teenager, Tyler Hadley killed his parents Blake Hadley and Mary Jo Hadley at their home in Port St. Lucie, Florida. He premeditated the crime as he took the cell phones of his parents away and digested three Ecstasy pills.

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Perpetrating the crime, he stood behind his mother while she was working at the family computer and beat her head with the hammer to death. His father, Blake Hadley upon hearing the screams came and stared for a moment and murdered him too.

Tyler Hadley later hid the dead bodies of his parents in the master bedroom after murdering them and cleaning the place. He then went to withdraw money via the ATM and prepared for a party and also announced on Facebook.

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The part started picking up with the pace around 8:15 pm on the day after the murder’s name ended around 2 a.m which had about 60 attendees.

During the party, Tyler Hadley made a confession to his friend, Michael Mandell about the murder and showed him the blood-filled bedroom. His friend also took some selfies of the master bedroom after getting crazy over the situation.

Before the party ended, the news of Tyler Hadley murdering his parents went viral and was arrested the next morning and convicted. He was denied to be sentenced by the Florida Law because he was 17 years as at the time but was later given life imprisonment in 2014 without parole which got overturned by an appeal judge in April 2016.

In 2018, his sentence was changed to life in prison with a possibility of parole.

Tyler Hadley
Tyler Hadley

Tyler Hadley brother

Tyler Hadley has an older brother known as Ryan Hadley who lives in North Carolina.

Ryan was out of the home during the murder incident as he was in college. He filed a civil complaint against Tyler Hadley in St Lucia County Court. He didn’t want Tyler Hadley to receive any inheritance from his parent’s estate

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