Efia Odo schools Kesse on Biblical principles when Kesse advised her to add God in her posts (+ screenshot)

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Singer, Kesse has switched from hiplife to gospel in recent times. He encountered God and has since refused to go back.

He has decided to spread the word and apparently, one of the ways he uses is social media. He advised Efia Odo who didn’t seem to take his advice at all.

Efia Odo is an actress who is known for flaunting her body in less clothes. At a point in time, Efia Odo also came out to say she had encountered God and was trying to do better but after a short time, she said God only looks at actions so she continued being the ‘Efia Odo’ we know.

Gospel musician, Kesse advised Efia Odo on Twitter to use biblical texts in her posts but knowing Efia Odo, she didn’t heed to the advice. She is used to doing her own thing instead of taking advice from people

She believes God is in her and what’s more important is how she treats people and she does that very well so from the look of things, Efia Odo isn’t interested in posting biblical texts about God because he won’t even see them

Kesse went on to tell her that what he will tell her is what he has already told her so she should have a good day. He didn’t try to engage her in a conversation again

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