Ugandan university bans mini skirts, tattoos, piercings, shorts as it introduces new dress code

The management of Bishop Stuart University (BSU) in Uganda is set to ‘restore’ sanity in their institution with the introduction of a new dress code. 

According to the notice by the university’s Dean of Students, Rev Francis Muhangi, issued on December 1, the new dressing code will apply to all students effective December 2, 2021.

Male students for instance have been banned from putting on sandals, damaged jeans/trousers, shorts, braided/plaited hairstyles, tattoos, piercings, and uncombed hair.

Their female counterparts have been forbidden to wear mini skirts and dresses, mini pants, damaged jeans /trousers and tattoos have been banned.

The dean warned that students who wear anything contradicting the new dress code will be prohibited from accessing the university premises.

”This is to bring to your notice that effective December 2, 2021, no one will be allowed to access the university premises, lecture rooms, offices or chapel with that dress code,” Rev Muhangi noted.

The university’s new dress code guidelines have however, stirred a hostile reaction on social media from a section of students and Ugandans who claim the new guidelines are unfair.

“Is this a university or a kindergarten??? Asking” one Chris Dangote tweeted.

“Imagine Bishop Stuart university students waking up to this. It’s finally a self proclaimed primary school”

“It’s not the dress code that studies. It’s against freedom” Ambrose said


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