UK-based organization calls on Ghana’s parliament to take death penalty out of the constitution

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Death Sentence Project, a group located in the UK, has urged Ghana’s parliament to remove the death penalty from the constitution.

In Ghana, crimes punishable by death are: War crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide, murder and treason.

The organization, lead by Saul Lehrfreund, its Executive Director, made the request on Tuesday, July 19, 2022, when he led a team to meet with Joseph Osei-Owusu, the First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, to request support from Ghana’s Parliament.

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He said that Ghana would follow the majority of the globe in rejecting the death sentence as an infringement on human rights, pointing out that only a small number of nations remain that have not yet done so. Currently, 120 nations worldwide have rejected the death penalty.

He thinks that the death sentence is an unfair and inhumane punishment that targets the most vulnerable and underprivileged people of society.

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Francis-Xavier Sosu, a member of parliament for Madina, claimed that despite having the death sentence on its statute books since 1992’s Fourth Republican Constitution, Ghana had never carried out an execution under it.

Even if the death sentence were to remain in the constitution, according to him, it would only be for treason and high treason.

According to Joseph Osei-Owusu, Ghana is eager to change its law in order to join the world community in this area.

He claimed that Ghana’s culture and history would serve as a guide for the Parliament of Ghana and the people of Ghana along this journey.

As we proceed with this problem, he declared, “we will listen to the voice of our people.”

In Ghana, the death penalty has typically been meted out as the only sanction for murder, leaving judges with no other options.

The death penalty is a type of lethal punishment mandated by the constitution that calls for the execution of specified offenses in accordance with the letter of the law.

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