Unbelievable: One Kwame Anokye Says Daddy Lumba Is His God Whom He Worships Everyday || He Also Says He Believes Lumba Could Be His Biological Father And That His Mother Might Have Committed Adultery With The Legendary Musician

Daddy Lumba’s legendary status in Ghana’s music landscape is well documented. But one man called Kwame Anokye, who is said to be a musician based in Kumasi has used superlatives to describe Daddy Lumba that surpasses all the epithets for the great musician.

According to Kwame Anokye he sees Daddy Lumba as a god whom he worships always. He also added that Lumba is a spirit that has possessed him.
“Daddy Lumba knows whatever I am doing. We have performed on stage together and he encouraged me to work hard, he will support me one day. We met in 1998 in Atimatim, Kumasi and he gave me twenty pesewas in the presence of his late mother.

He also made startling pronouncements saying his late mother might have had an affair with the veteran musician, hence Lumba could be his own father.

Kwame Anokye known in showbiz as Daddy Lumba Jnr says said this during an interview with Deloris Frimpong Manso on the Delay show. He said there was a time his biological father once commented that he is surprised his own son is following the footsteps of Daddy Lumba, his lifestyle and music career. Kwame disclosed that his father who resides in Offinso suspects his late mother have committed adultery with Daddy Lumba.

Daddy Lumba is my father. I will do DNA one day when the time comes. I am not trying to imitate Daddy Lumba, this is my lifestyle. I see Daddy Lumba’s son as my brother”.

Kwame Anokye added that the first time he met the late mother of Daddy Lumba, she also confirmed that he looked Enko Den singer.

This is the most interesting interview I have ever heard on Delay’s show. What do you think?