Underground road crossings to be created for school children; GH drivers don’t respect Zebra Crossing  – Road minister Amoako Attah

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The Minister of Roads and Highways, Kwasi Amoako-Attah, says contemporary road designs attempt to safeguard school children and pedestrians by providing subterranean crossings whenever practical.

He cited Kumasi’s Sofo Line and Kentinkrono roads as examples.

Over 30 students of the Islamic Senior High School in Kumasi were rushed to the hospital on June 13, 2022 after police allegedly fired tear gas and live bullets to disperse students who were demonstrating over incessant vehicular knockdown after their requests for speed ramps on the road were ignored.

Illegal speed ramps are frequent on Ghana’s roadways. These unlawful speed ramps lack street signs to warn cars to slow down and aren’t built to code.

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Mr. Amoako-Attah has also conceded that unapproved speed ramps are difficult to address, despite being an offense.

He said that if a town’s residents are continually being hit by fast automobiles, it’s only logical for them to build speed ramps.

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“I am not endorsing unauthorized speed ramps but some communities are compelled to do this. All of us have a part to resolve these problems. Ideally, everybody prefers to drive on the highway without speed ramps because they are problematic. In other parts of the world, you would travel on the highway for so many kilometers without any speed ramps,” he emphasised

The Roads Minister blames drivers for flouting road signs to over speed even in towns where they are supposed to be driving at 50 km/h.

“You and I know the behavior of drivers, I am referring to all those who sit behind the steering wheel including me. Some of us drivers irresponsibly including both private and commercial drivers even those who are supposed to know better are irresponsible when driving. Even when it is clearly written that drivers should not exceed 50km/hour, you see them not heeding the road signs especially Zebra Crossing and over speed.”

Amoako-Attah said steps must be followed before building a speed ramp. Those who demand speed ramps should write to the Ministry of Roads with reason.

The Minister for Highways is against unauthorized speed ramps because they disrupt cars, thus he organized a special committee to catalog and evaluate all speed ramps on our roads. Following the technical committee’s recommendation, numerous unlawful speed ramps were removed and required ones were reconstructed.



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