Unemployed health workers threaten ‘aluta’ if they are not posted to start their professional career

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Jobless nurses, who come under the umbrella name the Coalition of Unemployed Graduates of Nurse Assistant Clinical and Preventive have threatened to picket at the offices of the Finance and the Health Ministries if they are not posted to begin their professional careers.

According to the disgruntled medical workers, the Health Ministry published its recruitment platform for nurses and midwives to select their preferred posting zones roughly 10 months ago. They claim that although the diploma and degrees of nurses and midwives have since been posted, they have been omitted.

Over 10,000 nurses claim they have been at home for roughly three years despite pledges made in response to their petitions and picketing activities.

The group’s president, Apandago Charles, stated during a news conference in Kumasi on Thursday, September 15, 2022, that they are experiencing difficulties and must rely on their parents, prostitution, and other activities to exist.

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Therefore, he has given the government a seven-day deadline to post them, failing which, they will occupy the offices of the Ministries in charge of posting them until they are uploaded.

SOURCE: www.Ghbase.com

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