University student bites off rival’s ear in bitter fight over boyfriend

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A viral video of two female students from a prestigious university in Uganda embroiled in a bitter fight over a man has been shared online.

The aggressive fisticuff reportedly started after their lecture for the day came to an end.

One of the girls who never wanted to be overpowered sank her teeth into the ear of her rival and bit it.

According to eyewitnesses, one of the combatants was heard shouting “Ndugyira ahamushaija”, a Runyankore word meaning ‘leave my man’.

In unrelated news, Mr Ibu has stated that following his near-death experience after he was poisoned by someone within his circles, he has become a sceptic and unwilling to help people any longer.

He told The Punch that he is now mindful of new faces around him considering that he was nearly poisoned to death by someone he has helped before.

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Narrating his ordeal and how it has shaped his perspective, the legendary comic actor said;

“These days, I am usually sceptical because I later found out that it was somebody I had helped in the past (who poisoned me).”

Speaking further, Mr Ibu revealed that he is still undergoing treatment in Abuja because there is still some remnants of the poison in his system

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“If not for God, the result would have been bad. As I speak with you now, I am still being treated somewhere in Guzape, Abuja,” he added.

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