Unseen spectacle as women organizes prayer session for their husbands while they cast away the ‘spirit of cheating’ away from their bodies (Video)

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A rare video of zealot female Christians praying vigorously for their husbands against the spirit of unfaithfulness has amused a lot of people on social media.

In the almost viral video, the husbands sat on a chair while their wives held onto their heads and repeatedly cast out any spirit of cheating in their men.

The couples were no less than 10 and they were deeply engrossed in the prayer as the wives repeated the prayer points being voiced out by the pastor.

The pastor then asked the women to look at their husbands and give them compliments after which he told them to kiss. Those who sit on the neutral fence when it comes to religion have asserted that these prayers won’t work and the men will still go ahead to cheat.

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They vehemently opine that the foolery in Christianity is getting out of hand and that it takes a lot of simple tangible measures to halt cheating and not useless prayers.

Watch the video below;


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