Urban Gospel Musicians Preachers Go ‘CRAZY’ In A New Video

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The dynamic Gospel  trio, ‘Preachers’ are known for their dazzling Gospel rap music and have been doing doing Gospel songs since 2009. They have in their own way, carved a new path to Gospel music and the young ones like myself, have realized, worshipping God is not so rigid.

Aside, been  great Gospel musicians, they have a great sense of fashion and dress with soo much swag, which creates an impression that, Christianity is not so boring.

The trio launched the music video to their hit song “Crazy” recently at the World Trade Center on the 30th August, 2015. ( I planned of going to the premiere, but I had to travel out of the country that same day, sorry I couldn’t update you on that)

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The appetite of fans have been whetted for a long time, especially, when the music video for the song never came after several months, but now, the music video is out and online for all those who are more than eager to watch the video.

When I first watched the music video, my first comment was “What did these boys just do?” but then after watching it for about 3 times, I can understand why it took so long before the video came.

It’s a never-done kind of video with the trio trying so hard to exhibit some fabulous Tang-Kwan-do skills, which I believe it took them some time to learn that. 

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So why that? Well, I think  they wanted to portray the level of craziness they have for Christ and you and I know how the Chinese are crazy about their fight, they take it serious because it means a lot to them and that’s how serious and crazy they are for God. Intact, every Christian should be that crazy for God.

Watch the music video below and please do drop your comments below on what you also think of the video.


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