US election result will not have any bearing on the December polls – Kojo Oppong Nkrumah

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Information Minister Kojo Oppong Nkrumah has said the outcome of the US election will certainly not have any bearing on the December 7 polls herein Ghana.

According to the Ofoase-Ayerebi MP, there is no similarity between Ghana’s election and that of the United States. Therefore, it does not mean when a Republican Party wins, the NPP must win and the reverse.

However, history has it that from 1992, the outcome of the US election has a reflection on Ghana’s polls where when the Democratic Party wins, the NDC wins and when the Republican Party wins, the NPP wins and vice versa.

Mr Oppong Nkurmah says the candidate involved are different. According to him, Biden is not the same as Mahama who was rejected by Ghanaians in 2016 which means the US election will not influence Ghana’s polls.

“While Mr Biden was not rejected at the polls by voters in 2016, Mr Mahama was massively rejected by Ghanaian voters.”

“While Mr Biden’s running mate Senator Harris is an accomplished senator who has added a spark to his candidature, same cannot be said of the NDC.”

“There is no similarity between the elections in the US and elections in Ghana. Their current President was a businessman who became a politician. Our current President, on the other hand is an astute lawyer and politician.”

“Their President is contesting a former Vice President and not a President who was voted out of power. For ours, Mr. Mahama was voted out of power because he was a President who supervised hunger, unemployment, erratic power supply and economic hardship. It is not the same with Joe Biden. So there is a vast difference in the politics of the two countries.”

“In 2016 there was a similar myth that you cannot win the Presidency if you are not named John. Nana Addo beat John Mahama at the time despite this claim. It is about your hard work and not such comparisons.” He concluded.

As it stands now, the US election is going in the favour of Joe Biden the Democrat as he leads Donald Trump narrowly in several states. This has reignited the conversation as to whether Ghana will be having a similar fate should Biden emerge victorious after the whole process.

A section of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) are high in hopes that if history is anything to go by, they are certainly of the belief that should Biden win, Mahama is also going to carry the day.

On the other hand, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) will be looking at the US election result and be making very key decisions as to whether their fate is tied to the Republican Party as it has been the norm over the years.


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