Use that energy to fight corruption and poverty, leave LGBTQ people alone – Panji Anoff fires the church, calls them intolerant

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Ghanaian songwriter Panji Anoff has questioned the church’s motivation to fight for the passing of the Anti-LGBTQ Bill which criminalizes Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and related activities.

According to him, he was very disappointed in the church and religion when he realized they (the church) were posied to see to the passing of the Anti-LGBTQ Bill by speaking foul about people who have chosen different gender and sexual orientation.

Speaking on GBC, Anoff Panji did not mince words when he described the church as hypocrites and sycophants who see nothing wrong with corruption, poverty and theft that stampedes the progress of the nation but are condemning LGBTQ with all the energy they possess.

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He intimated that as long as the church benefited from corrupt practices, stealing, theft et al, they fail to criticize it but since the LGBTQ movement will bring them no monetary benefits, they are attacking it with full force.

“The churches say they will bear the cost of prosecuting LGBTQ people. Why is the church not concerned about paying for the cost of prosecuting corrupt individuals and politicians. The church has no problem with stealing and theft so far as they benefit from it. I am very disappointed with the church because Ghana is a tolerant country,” he said.

Panji Anoff also expressed displeasure about the current state of affairs in the nation, where tolerance for people and divergent opinions and preferences are not respected. According to him, he saw nothing wrong with people who practices LGBTQ but has a problem with trying to demonize it.

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Anoff Panji said people should be allowed the freedom and peace of mind to do what they want and like including people of the LGBTQ community. He tasked the church to be concerned about moe salient matters that affect the day-to-day life of the ordinary Ghanaian.

He spoke at length in the video below:

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Panji Anoff (born Panji Marc Owooh Anoff in London, UK) is a Ghanaian songwriter, scriptwriter and film producer based in Accra. Panji Anoff is the founder & creative director of the High Vibes Music Festival and the CEO of Pidgen Music. [Wikipedia]


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