UTAG members don’t mind going to jail over the ongoing strike – Prof Gyampo insists

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Members of the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) say they’ve been threatened by the government in an effort for their strike to be stopped across the country.

This is the third week of the lecturers’ strike for better pay and benefits.

Some students are worried about this stand-off between the government and UTAG. They don’t want the school year to be thrown off.

UTAG Secretary Prof. Ransford Gyampo says that even if they go to court, they won’t work again until they get what they want.

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In other words, “We are not negotiating at this point.” When UTAG wants something, the government hasn’t said anything. So we aren’t negotiating now.

“To meet them in court, we know they will. The government always comes up with the money to do what they want. That’s what we want from them. They should be talking to us openly and honestly, so Instead of them doing that, they have tried to scare us.

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There is no way to force a teacher who is hungry and angry and has taken industrial action to go back to the classroom. Members know what they’re doing, and they’ve agreed that even if they put everyone in prison, “we’re ready,” said Prof. Gyampo, who warned them.


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